Software Developer/account Manager, Vila Real

Publicados 2022-05-20
Expira 2022-06-20
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Software Developer/account Manager, Vila Real
Portugal, Vila Real, Vila Real,
Publicados May 20, 2022

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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salário: Por mês
Ocupação: Software developer/account manager

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O que procura nos candidatosRequirements:Comfortable using JiraComfortable using ConfluenceExcellent written and spoken EnglishExcellent customer-facing handling skillsMust be motivated towards detail and quality standards, especially in documentationMust feel comfortable speaking with various people both through chat and voice throughout the dayGood project and client management skills, with a focus on translating business requirements into technologysolutionsTechnologies/Tools:HTMLCSSReactReduxQue funções irão desempenharResponsabilities:Handle multiple communication channelsBuild solutionsWrite and maintain documentation for your solutionsAnalyse external documentation to translate into tasks and provide estimatesManage your projects through Jira using KanbanHandle bug analysis requestsOvercome browser compatibility challengesCommunicate with third parties to translate into new developments Quais os benefícios oferecidosBonus: 10% of the Gross salaryCompany Perks: €1000 per annum bundle € - Employee can choose how its allocated across work-related or health/wellbeing itemsRemote Work: Full time in remote, in case they will be asked to go in their small hub in Lisbon but mainly for meetings from time to time.

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    Spoton Connections
    Registrado em October 7, 2017


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    Vila Real (pronúncia portuguesa: [ˈvilɐ ʁiˈal] (ouvir)) é a capital e maior cidade do Distrito de Vila Real, no norte de Portugal. A população em 2011 era de 51.850, numa área de 378,80 quilómetros quadrados (146,26 sq mi) .Vila Real ocupava o sétimo lugar na lista das cidades mais habitáveis ​​de Portugal no inquérito de condições de vida publicado pelo jornal português Expresso em 2007.

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/