Produtc Manager Specialist, Porto, Devoteam Aveiro, Lisboa, Porto

Publicados 2022-09-22
Expira 2022-10-22
ID #1178271232
Produtc Manager Specialist, Porto, Devoteam Aveiro, Lisboa, Porto
Portugal, Porto, Porto,
Publicados September 22, 2022

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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salário: Por mês
Ocupação: Produtc manager specialist

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About DevoteamAt devoteam, we believe that technology with strong human values can actively drive change for the better. Discover how Tech for people unlocks the future, creating a positive impact on the people and the world around us. We are a global leading player in Digital Transformation for leading organisations across EMEA with a revenue of €M. We believe in transforming technology to creat value for our clients, partners and employees in a world where technology is developed for people. We are proud of our diverse environment. Because we are #ThechforProple. Join our multidisciplinary team of Cloud experts, Designers, Business consultants, Security experts, Engineers, Developers and the extraordinary talents, spread across more than EMEA countries. Become one of our +0 tech and business leaders on cloud, data and cyber security. Let’s fuse creativity with technology together and build innovative solutions that change things for the better.About the Job "Tech for people unlocks the Future" Can you imagine working with over 0 employees in Portugal, with 0 employees worldwide and keeping up with the technological transformation on a daily basis? ! We are looking for a Product Manager. If this opportunity is for you, apply today!We will rely on you to - 2+ years of relevant experience as a Product Manager in tech space- Experience in developing long- & short-term product strategy and roadmap to achieve company goals- Experience in developing the product vision- Knowledge of product discovery techniques- Knowledge of product optimization techniques.What we're looking for: - Bachelor's/Master's in IT or similar;- Proven experience as a product manager;- Experience with agile methodology;- Define product vision, roadmap and growth opportunities;- Ability to translate stakeholder needs into business and product requirements- Good level of English Does this sound like you?  Come build with us, innovative solutions that actively change things for the better.Apply today! api:2a:c:1:3::1:deeeeea0dc8dbc:2-- ::

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    Technology ("science of craft", from Greek τέχνη, techne, "art, skill, cunning of hand"; and -λογία, -logia) is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can be the knowledge of techniques, processes, and the like, or it can be embedded in machines to allow for operation without detailed knowledge of their workings. The simplest form of technology is the development and use of basic tools. The prehistoric discovery of how to control fire and the later Neolithic Revolution increased the available sources of food, and the invention of the wheel helped humans to travel in and control their environment. Developments in historic times, including the printing press, the telephone, and the Internet, have lessened physical barriers to communication and allowed humans to interact freely on a global scale. The steady progress of military technology has brought weapons of ever-increasing destructive power, from clubs to nuclear weapons.


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