Junior Devops Engineer, Porto, Reeeliance Im Gmbh

Publicados 2022-09-21
Expira 2022-10-21
ID #1176954642
Junior Devops Engineer, Porto, Reeeliance Im Gmbh
Portugal, Castelo Branco, Porto,
Publicados September 21, 2022

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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salário: Por mês
Ocupação: Junior devops engineer

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Faster time to market. Short development cycles. Agility all over the place. Just buzzwords? No more once you joined the party. You help development and operations to grow together by means of collaboration, automation and the right mindset to really enter the DevOps fast lane. As a DevOps engineer, you ensure speed, quality and scalability of the entire development and deployment process by means of continuous integration frameworks that you implement and maintain. Moreover, you support the move to the cloud, setting up & orchestrating cloud services via Infrastructure as Code. However, your role is not only about technology. Creating a new DevOps culture can be a substantial change for an organization, which you promote by communication and collaboration. Our Tech Stack at a glanceCoding: Python, Bash, YAML | CICD: Azure DevOps, Docker, gitlab | IaC: Ansible, Terraform Your ProfileYou are a detailed oriented person who approaches their job in a structured efficient way. You are someone who can conceptualize and understand how code should be best structured but who is not afraid of getting their hands dirty. We will provide you the opportunity of learning new things every day while you work with our knowledgeable professionals. At the same time, we will give you enough space and freedom to evolve and progress in your career.To make sure we can start quickly, you should already be well versed in developing with at least Bash, Java or Python. In addition, you also have a good understanding of version control tools like Git, are familiar with CI/CD tools and with different OS such as Linux and Windows.You and your colleagues will be involved in developing, testing, and deploying activities, as well as automating tasks. Therefore, the way you communicate is tailored to your audience, be it presenting what you created to our clients or collaborating and sharing knowledge with your colleagues. Since we are an international company based in Germany, English is our primary language but German will be appreciated.Our ProfileWe started as a young information management advisory with an already impressive set of successful enterprise-level projects. We believe that complexity is manageable and provide our customers with elegant and efficient solutions that work. Coming originally from business intelligence and data transformation projects, we are continuously exploring new ways to deliver smart data solutions, making us an early adopter of cloud technologies. Together with our consultants on the client side, we find new insights into exciting businesses.Our office sites are in Berlin, Hamburg and Porto. All of them are centrally located and equipped with everything that you need to work in a successful team of professionals.Get in contact with us if you like our approach and think that you can share your experiences with us! We will have a first talk to find out how we fit together. As a next step, we are going to dive deep into your knowledge and past experience. Real stuff, no assessment tests. If all is good, we can decide quickly, and you will become a member of our team.Get up and get ready for this new opportunity!

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