Front End Developer (braga), Braga, Mobileum

Publicados 2022-09-25
Expira 2022-10-25
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Front End Developer (braga), Braga, Mobileum
Portugal, Braga, Braga,
Publicados September 25, 2022

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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salário: Por mês
Ocupação: Front end developer (braga)

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Your MissionAs a Front End developer, you will be working with state-of-the-art web technologies and you will be responsible for creating the bridge behind the user experience and interface for our product. Acting as a major connector between graphical design and technical implementation, you will have to produce superb user interfaces that look and work flawlessly.Amongst others, your main responsibilities will be: Creating the user experience awareness (has the user as its “client”)Making use of Front End Frameworks (know how to use them to jumpstart development, cross platform consistency, among others) Design Guidelines (SASS knowledge is welcome)Use RESTful Services and APIs Build UI with Cross Platform CapabilitiesBe the glue between the UI and the backend What we are looking forTo join our team as a Front End Developer, YOU must HAVE: Proficiency in English (mandatory)Front-End Development experience specific to web applicationsExperience with modern website front-end development including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript frameworks, ReactJS and browser compatibilityBack End Knowledge for REST APIs developmentAt least 3 to 4 years of experience working in the area And YOU must BE: Able to approach projects with a flexible and adaptable mindset, and with the focus to always find the best solutionsSelf-starter and ability to put yourself in a customer’s perspectiveAble to work in a virtual team environmentSelf-directed and objectiveDynamic and curious Do you have what it takes? APPLY NOW!

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