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Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon
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Tech-savvy It Support Specialist - Portugal, Lisbon
Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon,
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Tech-Savvy IT Support Specialist - Portugal

Operations - General Operations - Remote - Full Time

This is not an offshoring back-office job for an international company. You will be a key player in our globally distributed team.
We’re searching for an IT Support Specialist to help us ensure the smooth operation of our IT systems and provide technical support to our employees. You will have the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment, resolve IT issues, and contribute to the overall efficiency of our community. If you like solving complex technical problems, we need you!
Read on!
We are Laminar Projects!
We are a developer of construction software and a high-end construction project management consultancy. Improving construction strengthens the very foundation of human civilisation.(Watch our short film about

As a consultancy, we are focused on genuinely upgrading the way construction projects are delivered. We bring control and clarity to projects using a pragmatic mix of the latest technology, our own processes, and a big dose of common sense.
The core of all this is our true secret sauce; people. We only recruit the very best both in capability and personality. We are deeply focused on designing a new type of organisation that is optimised for the flourishing of the people in the team first and foremost. People that join us develop fast as a whole person in ways they never imagined. (Read more about our vision and mission ).
This approach has allowed us to grow from just 2 people in 2017 to over 160 today and we are still very much at the beginning! Joining us isn’t just some “job”, it is a transformative educational experience. We challenge you to be your best self in all aspects of life.
Any role that you start with at Laminar should be seen only as a starting point. Our fast growth means that there are many diverse and interesting challenges available and it is up to you to guide yourself into whichever areas you are most interested in – we will enable it.
4 core values for a good life
We believe a life of human flourishing is all about meaningful relationships with others and challenging yourself to create a positive impact. So our values reflect the 4 levels of relationships that each of us has:
Grow yourself

– Your relationship with yourself
Care about people

– Your relationship with others around you
Execute to greatness

– Your relationship with your team
Build civilisation

– Your relationship with humanity and the world
This goes much deeper but for the sake of brevity, we will keep the summary version!
We enshrined our values in our vision:
We exist so that everyone in our team can thrive in a high-impact community that:
Connects us withmeaningful relationships
Inspires us to develop ourselves to become better humans
Empowers us to pursue our own learning adventures
We believe that, by first doing this, we can achieve the highest levels of value for the world
And enable the achievement of our vision through our dual mission:
To fully digitise the construction of human civilisation
To create a new type of organisation that enables human flourishing while delivering a huge positive impact on society
The Role
Purpose of the role
You will be ensuring our entire global team is operating efficiently by designing, implementing, operating and continuously improving our IT processes and systems.
As an IT Support Specialist at Laminar, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our IT systems and providing technical support to our community. You will have the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment, resolve IT issues, and contribute to the overall efficiency of our organization.
In our operations team, we get things done and enable everyone in the organization to get things done too. Our operations team covers a broad range of areas including, finance, administration, IT, legal, compliance and strategic initiatives. Your initial leader will be our director of operations.

Your top objectives
To enable our team to be as efficient as possible
To develop yourself and everyone around you
To create scalable and repeatable solutions
Your top 5 responsibilities
Be the friendly face (or voice) of IT support for our team.

Support cross-functional teams providing technical support to employees, addressing hardware and software issues promptly. This could be anything from troubleshooting and resolving IT-related problems to maintaining accurate records of IT inventory and software licenses in partnership with Academia.
Develop everyone:

Maximise the development of your team personally and professionally and educate our clients to improve as well
Make scalable solutions:

Develop scalable and repeatable best practices and tools in collaboration with the team so that long-term impact is achieved
Report and inform:

Provide simple actionable reports to stakeholders at all levels that help them deliver efficiently and effectively. Develop and monitor operational metrics, auditing our processes as required
Design & implement systems and processes:

You will have the opportunity to drive the backbone of the business, by setting up new systems and upskilling our IT processes. You’ll help us do things in a better and more data-driven way.
Your Capabilities
You will be a proven operations leader who knows how to switch between being a project manager, leader, communicator, researcher and doer to make things better.
Must-Have (The fundamentals)


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field (preferred). Relevant certifications (e.g., Comp TIA A+, Network+, Microsoft Certified IT Professional) are a plus.

Proven experience in IT support in small to medium-sized organisations where you have set things up from scratch. A track record of developing thoughtful processes and systems and implementing them across a business.

Precise and structured communicator both written and verbal in English

A relentless approach to dealing with people

A track record of making organisations better beyond just doing the basics
Nice to Have (If you don’t have it now you will after joining)


Decent Excel skills and a strong interest in data management

Precise and structured communicator both written and verbal

A proven leader/coach/developer of teams or teams of teams

A track record of implementing scalable and repeatable solutions in projects and organisations that had a significant positive impact
Laminar isn’t the place for you if any of the following is true:
You want an easy, chilled-out role without much challenge
You like to be the smartest person in the room
You don’t like continuously receiving honest candid feedback
You prefer to do your own thing rather than work with a team
Frequently Asked Questions
Can you tell me more about what the role is like?
Because we are fast growing all of our roles are evolving all the time so what you start with might not be what you are doing in 6 months. Initially this role will be focused on providing IT technical support across all the teams, maintaining the IT asset inventory and software licenses, and standardizing our IT processes.
Where would I be working?
All of our operations roles are 100% remote and home-based. However, if you would like to work in a co-work space to get out of the house we can arrange that. If you are in one of our locations with offices you can come as often as you like.
Salary and Benefits
Paid Annual Leave 25 days + statutory Bank Holidays
Flexible hours
Compensation for this role depends on your capability level
Private health insurance

The Life-Changing Stuff
Grow your whole self:

Our leaders are more like coachesand one of our mainobjectivesis to give 5 years’worth of learning and development for every 1 year with us. You have a coach, mentor, well-being therapist and a development-orientated environment: That’s literally what our vision is all about and the primary reason Laminar exists. You can check out more of Laminar's coaching program here.
Be surrounded by the best:

We only hire and retain the very best people. You might be used to being the smartest in the room but that won’t be the case in Laminar. You will be surrounded by people you can learn from. We are 100% meritocratic so fast progression is the norm. You will be supported to excel in whichever areas you are most interested in! With Laminar, development is unbounded.
Long-term impact:

We are focused on solving the biggest issues in construction project delivery in a way that can spread and outlast us.
A generous equity scheme:

as a fast-growing consultancy as well as the fact we are building software this has a huge upside, particularly for people that stay with us through our growth.
Applying properly!!! Important!!!
We get thousands of applications so please write us a letter as part of your application explaining:
Why do you want to join us?
What do you think you bring to the team?
We aren't a giant faceless corporation; we really care about the people who want to join our team so all letters will be read thoroughly.
After that, we will reach out to you to schedule a casual conversation to help you to know us a bit better and tell us a bit about yourself.
After that, we will schedule a couple of technical and personal assessments to understand what your level of capability is based on our own development matrix. This is to ensure that when you join you are starting at the right level of responsibility based on your capability not just based on experience.


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