Qa Engineer (w/ Automation), Porto, Havagas

Publicados 2022-08-09
Expira 2022-09-09
ID #1120421097
Qa Engineer (w/ Automation), Porto, Havagas
Portugal, Castelo Branco, Porto,
Publicados August 9, 2022

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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salário: Por mês
Ocupação: Qa engineer (w/ automation)

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Closer is a tech company created in 2006. Carrying innovation in our DNA, we are a 100% Portuguese company with offices in Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. Being proud of our steady growth and impact in the IT market, we are conscious of the importance of the role of our people in this path. We are now looking for a QA Engineer with Automation willing to accept new challenges in our Closer team for an internacional project. Are you the one? • Fluent level of English • Experience and proficiency in test strategy, writing and running tests • Good knowledge of test automation • Knowledge of Scripting, python or JavaScripts • Linux User • Good knowledge of Cucumber, X-Ray, XLrelease and API Rest We believe we are the ones too, by: • Providing a Multidisciplinary Team; • Giving a home office kit, with everything you need to perform remotely; • Ensuring a career plan alongside with professional growth; • Providing you with a custom training plan; • Helping you reach happiness; Oh… and by the way, we also have: • Several challenging complex projects; • Stimulating teams and leaders; • World-class Clients and Partners. If you believe in this match as much as we do send us your CV to [email protected] and reach the closest side of life. Descrição THE WORLD HAS CHANGED, IS CHANGING AND WILL CHANGE AT A FASTER PACECloser was setup in 2006 with the mission to challenge complexity. We gathered a team of seasoned IT professionals to offer our clients different approaches and new perspectives. We had the courage to combine hard work and knowledge by believing that bright people can make the difference.We are focused on quick-win solutions in BI, Risk management and Compliance. Our core competences are: Cloud Computing, Mobility, Big Data and Social Networking. This is assured by a multi-disciplinary team, conveying people with different backgrounds and a solid market experience.We are committed to challenge complexity and make our clients lives easier.

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