Living And Working In Portugal: Your Next Adventure! Dutch Language, Lisbon, Recruit4.work

Portugal, Pt, Lisbon
Publicados 2022-11-24
Expira 2022-12-24
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Living And Working In Portugal: Your Next Adventure! Dutch Language, Lisbon, Recruit4.work
Portugal, Pt, Lisbon,
Publicados November 24, 2022

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Ocupação: Living and working in portugal: your next adventure! dutch language

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Are you looking for a new adventure? And do you like exploring new countries and living in an international environment? Then we have the opportunity for you! We can offer you an experience in which you will be working in an international environment while living abroad in Lisbon, Portugal. Does this sound like an adventure for you? Please apply! When starting this adventure you will move to Lisbon and experience all that the city has to offer. You can enjoy the beautiful weather, go to the beaches, visit the Torre de Belém, Take a ride on the famous tram 28, visit the museums and try the traditional Bacalhau à brás. While living in Lisbon you can meet new people from all over the world, as Lisbon is considered a global city. You can make new friends and learn more about different cultures. You will get the full abroad experience by living in the beautiful city of Lisbon!We can offer all kinds of different positions such as customer support, sales and content moderators. Central with all these positions is that you are able to learn and develop new skills that not only come in handy with these jobs but also in your personal life. Together with the company you will look at what position suits you best, if you do not like calling you will be offered a position with communicating by email, so that you can get a job that is perfect for you! Within this company there are amazing growth opportunities it is already possible to become a team leader after 6 months of working.The best part about starting this new adventure is that you do not have to arrange anything, the company will do everything for you! They will handle all of the paperwork, they will provide accommodation in one of their apartment complexes where you will live with people from all over the world, a flight refund for international employees, pick up from the airport, insurance and if you want they even offer language classes so you will be able to learn Portuguese. This way you do not have to worry about anything and everything will be arranged when your adventure abroad starts!And if that was not enough the company also organizes events and activities so that you can meet new people and make new contacts. So you can sign up for football tournaments, surf classes, parties, quiz nights and many more activities!If you are interested in this experience but are hesitant because you do want to experience living abroad but do not want to commit to a long-term stay, then I have good news for you! This experience is already possible starting from a 6-month period!So if you are looking to start a new adventure abroad and want to experience all that Portugal has to offer while also making some money in an international company, that really focuses on delivering an amazing experience. This is your chance!What do you need to start this adventure:· A valid ID/Passport· A suitcase· Clothes· A lot of enthusiasm

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