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Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon
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Engineering Lead – Platform Engineering (portugal, Hybrid), Lisbon
Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon,
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Hey there,

Welcome totb.lx- as a company with a product mindset, we are building software to create a more sustainable and connected world of transportation.

As an Engineering Lead


you will remain a platform software engineer with management responsibilities as a great part of your work. While the role comes with reduced



it’s still an active role.
You and your team will be responsible for overseeing the overall Developer Experience (Dev Ex) within the organization. This includes the tools and processes that empower our product engineering teams to concentrate on building innovative products (CI/CD pipelines, automated release notes generation, etc.). Additionally, the team will build and maintain a set of Common Components that will be core for our services to rely on. To finish, help an established Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team, ensuring they have the necessary tools to enable Dev Ops practices , such as observability and production readiness
While you ensure your team meets the deliverables and track their progress, you will also work on roadmap prioritization and refining delivery plans. This will be done incollaboration with the Platform Product Manager. You will both work on creating an ambitious, exciting mission and vision for the team, bringing the engineering point of view into the product


By being the team's voice, you willgathertheirproblemsandtranslatethem into solutionsandenablethem.
Communication is key in this role.

You will communicate your vision not only to your peers but also to other overarching roles and Engineering Leads. With it, you will create synergies that optimize your team’s development and performance, aligning engineering culture and strategy. You will also set company-wide processes and write documentation that helps others gain knowledge.
In your

day-to-day work , you will be responsible for your team’s well-being and productivity, as well as deciding and prioritizing their tasks. So, besides having a product-oriented mindset and good self-management skills ,you will need to accommodate feedback to drive topics in the required direction and help your team

to find alternative solutions

to solve problems and celebrate and recognize their achievements in the end. Every teamhas its own rituals. You will havesyncs with your teamtoorganize workand tohelp withpossibleblockersordependencies. At tb.lx,we always support each other. It’s an open space to share your thoughts, achievements, and pains. You will also haveone onone’sto address specific topicswith your team members, and you must keep in mind thatyou will inspire and motivate others. A stable and high-quality product is the entire team's deliverable, but

as an

Engineering Lead, your deliverable isalsothe team itself


So, this meansyou will empower the members of your team by trusting them with tasks and projects according to their expertise and ambitions. Remember that you will be responsible for your team members' progression


personal growth,


development byprovidingcontinuous feedback


Computer Science and Engineering Background with several years of experience in maturesetups;
Experience working with Platform Engineering, Dev Ops – model orengineering;
Knowledge of infrastructure from a designing/defining perspective, including cloudarchitectures, acquaintancewith Azure (or other providers) and theirportfolio;
Experience leading multidisciplinary teams of more than 4engineers;
Experiencesharing, presenting, sharingknowledgeand defining knowledge bases/guidelines that are followed by severalteams;
Experience with deliverymanagement and usage of tools for issue tracking –e.g. JIRA;
Experience with Agile methodologies – Kanban, Scrum,etc– and familiarity with guidelines,andrecommendations;
Experienceparticipatingin Product Discovery;
Fluency in English.
Site Reliability Experience and/or contact with Operations and On Callprocesses;
Experience with publicspeaking;
Experience writingeasy-to-digestdocumentation, including strategies for frequentupdates;


Youdream of working at a digital productstudio;
You are an empathic and patient person who likes to mentor junior/solidengineers;
You dream of a real hybrid worksetting;
You are open to transparent feedbackculture;
You have strong sustainabilityvalues;
You always communicate with a positiveintent;
You get a kick from working on impactful products.


You’llreceive a fair salary that reflects the job market, your experience, and yourimpact;
A monthly remote allowance to help you coveradditionalexpenses due to working fromhome;
A lunch allowance that can be used for meals with your colleagues, shopping in the supermarket, or having dinner out withfriends;
We have two flexible vacation days for cultural and religious holidays thataren'tincluded in the Portuguese Holidays calendar, and in your first year, you have up to 24 vacationsdays;
A flexible monthly budget to spend on benefits of your choice (it varies from childcare and elderly support, streaming, music subscriptions, books, or even plane tickets and more).

Remote-first company
You’llhave work-life flexibility: we are a hybrid company. This means we trust you to choose where you work best: from our office in Lisbon, from your home, or from any other place in the world (as long asit has a stable internet connection);
We equip you with the proper working tools: a Mac Book and an i Phone, and everything you need to work comfortably from wherever you are (Screen, Laptop Support, etc.);
You’llhave relocationassistanceif you live outside Portugal (and we can help you with a Tech Visa);
Whenyou'reworking from our office in the heart of Lisbon,you'llfind free healthy snacks and drinksthere;
We also want to keep our great people-centric culture, so we do in-person team eventsevery once in a while, which you’re welcome to join whenever you want!

Career Development
As an Engineering Leadyou’llbeclosely supportedby your People Partner and People Manager through your leadership journey, enroll in our Leadership Program, and join our internal Leadershipmeetups;
You’llhave people investing and working together with you on achieving your personal and career goals through Personal Growth Plans;
You’llhave access to training materials and a training budget so you can follow a personalized learning path to yourneeds;
You can join our internal Mentorship Program (either as a mentor or mentee);
You’llhave access to a professional coach if you need some help along the way. ·
Attb.lxwe keep our internal mobility possibilities open so you can be creative when you think about the way you want to walk your career path.

Wellbeing & Family
You and your family will receive private healthinsurance;
Mental Health: yoga classes, gym subscription, medical expenses (including psychology appointments), subscription to mindfulness apps as part of the flexible monthlybudget;
Family Care: your monthly flexible budget can also be used for childcare or elderlysupport;
Work-life empathy: we understand that as individuals, we all have our needs in all the dimensions of our lives, so we give you the flexibility and autonomy toorganiseyour working hours and dedicate time to the other dimensions of your life.


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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salário: Por mês
Ocupação: Engineering lead – platform engineering (portugal, hybrid)

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