Associate To Ceo Lisbon, Lisbon (hybrid), Lisbon

Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon
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Associate To Ceo Lisbon, Lisbon (hybrid), Lisbon
Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon,
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Greetings, future Sensei ????
Are you ready to embark on an

journey into the world of retail revolution?

Sensei is here to develop autonomous stores and sprinkle digital transformation all over the retail sector!

Why join Sensei, you ask?
Oh, I'm glad you asked! We're on a mission to make shopping a breeze for millions of shoppers worldwide! Our focus on

automation, efficiency, and providing the best retail

encounter sets us apart.
Sensei is

a vibrant team of over 60 talented people

based in Portugal, Brazil, and Spain! We're firm believers that happy people make better Senseis, which is why we encourage everyone to do the things they love the most. If you're intrigued by the idea of being part of a

dynamic team shaping the future of retail , we invite you to explore the details of this open position.

Your potential journey into the Sensei Squad awaits!

How Can you Help?
As an Associate to CEO

you'll be part of the Strategy team

that plays a key role in

helping shape the vision for Sensei and turning it into reality.

The team directly supports the CEO in fundraising, corporate strategy and strategic projects, in articulation with many stakeholders across the organization. This includes taking responsibility for leading and executing high impact strategic initiatives, in partnership with Top Management and other company areas.

Your key responsibilities will include:
Collaborate closely with the team to pinpoint and address key bottlenecks and challenges within the organization;
Conduct thorough research and execute quantitative/qualitative analyses to formulate recommendations that enhance decision-making processes;
Engage with various departments and cross-functional teams at Sensei, gathering information and aiding in the execution of pivotal projects or the articulation of multi-stakeholder initiatives;
Develop client/investor-ready outputs, such as polished presentations and comprehensive spreadsheets;
Support the team in navigating complex projects by providing valuable insights and contributing to strategic decision-making.
???? To thrive in this role, you must have:
Possess a master's degree in management, economics, or engineering.
Exhibit solid analytical and financial modeling skills, showcasing autonomy in constructing complex analyses and models using Excel or Google Sheets.
Master the art of impactful presentations in both Power Point and Google Slides.
Communicate with professional fluency in English, both written and verbal.
Display excitement for groundbreaking technologies and disruptive business models.
Embrace the challenges and opportunities of a startup environment, thriving on ownership and creative autonomy amid ambiguity.
Demonstrate a strong work ethic with a proven track record of success, both individually and within teams.
Approach tasks with innovation and a proactive mindset.
Navigate analytical toolkits with proficiency, encompassing financial modeling and market analysis. Join us in shaping the future with your expertise and passion.
????After 6 months journey, your success will shine if you:
Are capable of having complete ownership of some CEO Office projects end-to-end;
Were able to take some weight off the current team, giving them more time to give go deeper in some topics or bring new projects into the pipeline;
You have in-depth knowledge of the company's operation and of the autonomous retail market;
You actively engage and bring value-added insights to discussions about Sensei's strategic themes.

????What's in it for you:
A competitive compensation package – a reward worthy of a ninja master!
Our annual flex benefits package is like a magical genie granting your desires – gym time, a professional coach, or even part of that MBA dream – the choice is yours!
Fierce Health Insurance
We offer the ultimate work blend – the hybrid or full remote model! Be it the cozy remote caves or the bustling office battlegrounds, you have the power to choose!
You'll enjoy a whole 24 days of holiday allowance to recharge your warrior spirit and embark on epic adventures!
Parents, we've got your back too! With paid parental leave, you won't have to choose between family and work – because balance is the key to true harmony!

And hey, a friendly reminder, at Sensei, we all speak English! So sharpen those linguistic shurikens.
Remember, every warrior is welcome in our dojo – regardless of backgrounds, flags, or beliefs! So don't hesitate to join our diverse tribe – your uniqueness is your superpower! ????????
Join Sensei, and let's embark on this thrilling adventure of a lifetime! ????
Join us, and you'll have a meaningful role in the next evolution of the shopping experience.
Get started today

Convenient with no time wasted in queues. Isn’t this the kind of shopping your customers dream of?


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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salário: Por mês
Ocupação: Associate to ceo lisbon, lisbon (hybrid)

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