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Executive Chef (m/f) - Seagoing Position, Porto

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Executive Chef (m/f) - Seagoing Position, Porto
Portugal, Castelo Branco, Porto,
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Job Description To oversee the daily operation of all Galleys and food outlets, safe food handling of Galley personnel and maintenance of all Galley equipment; To ensure a smooth and efficient service during meal hours through constant communication with the Maitre d’Hotel; To ensure that all products are consistently prepared to the highest possible standards; To train, coach, council, support and delegate all of the Galley staff; To guide the Galley staff to ensure that the Department is updated with relevant shipboard information at all times; To oversee the entire food operation in all restaurants as well as the operation within the ship’s Galley and in preparation rooms; To review and approve menus for the Crew Galley, as prepared and submitted by the Sous Chef, ensuring they meet the quality, quantity, nutritional value and cultural needs of the crew; To monitor and develop the work schedules, section plans and to conduct Performance Appraisals for his direct reports and to assist his team in developing Performance Appraisals for their subordinates; To submit an updated Vacation schedule of the entire Galley Department to the Chief Purser; Ensure that all food handlers in the Galley, comply with the latest Health and Sanitation regulations, and overseeing the entire cleaning procedures of all food handlers in the Galley; To execute all aspects of planning and organizing of upcoming cruises for the Galley Department; To know the requirements of the Menus and to forecast orders according to operational needs through the Provision Department; To establish orders for fresh produce, fish and seafood as well as meat in conjunction with the Provision Master; To know the requirements of the Menus and to forecast orders according to operational needs through the Provision stores; To establish orders for fresh produce, fish and seafood as well as meat in conjunction with the Provision Master; To follow up on culinary trends in order to create and plan new Menus in conjunction with the Fleet Executive Chef; To be visible and approachable to our Guests (make rounds and visit Guest tables throughout the cruise); To ensure that any Maintenance issues in the Galley areas are reported in a timely manner and that the work orders are followed up on accordingly; To ensure that all Galley Department Work Registration Forms are completed correctly and handed in to the Chief Purser in a timely manner; Ensure that all of the Galley Department Overtime is submitted to the Chief Purser; To adhere to, and to ensure that the Galley Department Staff adheres to all Company Policies and Procedures, Manuals and Directives; Other responsibilities, as assigned, but not limited to the above.

Qualifications Culinary Institute Diploma/Chef Certification or other relevant apprenticeship required; Minimum of four (4) years of International experience as Executive Chef required; Must have experience in a large luxury food operation – luxury cruise ship experience preferred; Must have a very strong, balanced background in the culinary field and a sound knowledge of culinary arts and fine dining is essential; Understands all aspects of the kitchen including bakery, pastry, butchery and fish preparation area, hot and cold kitchen, as well as the managerial aspects of these operations; Must have a good understanding of balanced tastes and should know how to create a Menu with a variety of high quality foods for a large volume operation; Highly motivated with a strong drive and high level of energy and flexibility; Must be fluent in written and spoken English; Must have very good administrative skills (Microsoft Outlook) MXP Knowledge is a plus; Must have excellent organizational skills and show attention to detail; Must possess excellent leadership skills and the ability to interact with all levels of people; Must be able to communicate and implement corrective action steps in an effective, yet diplomatic fashion; Must be able to remain calm under pressure; Needs to have an outgoing personality and has to possess a positive attitude, maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanour while remaining firm at all times.

Additional Information Financial Responsibilities To control the food cost as well as the overall Galley operational costs and maintaining given standards and product quality; Monitor and control the use of consumables and bonded items in the entire Galley Department; To monitor and control wage and overtime for the Galley Department Staff according to Budget; To monitor and control vacation schedules; To monitor and control all Galley expenditures to ensure that it stays within the limits of the Consumable and M& R Budget; To ensure that Company property is maintained properly and treated with respect at all times.

Safety Responsibilities To ensure that the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment in the Galley work areas is implemented at all times; To ensure that Safe Lifting Techniques are practiced at all times in the Galley Department; To ensure all Galley Staff is instructed on all Safe/Proper Galley Equipment handling and to ensure that Safe/Proper Galley Equipment handling is practiced at all times; To be familiar with the Company´s SMS; To be familiar with the Ship`s Emergency Plan; To do In Port Manning duties as scheduled and as required by Company policy.

Emergency Duties To follow instructions on Safety Card; To participate in Guest/Crew Lifeboat Drills as per instructions; Other safety responsibilities, as assigned, but not limited to the above.

Team Education & Training Introduce Job Duties and Departmental functions including onthejobtraining for the entire Galley Department; To follow up and maintain a continuous Training Program in regards with International Cooking Techniques; Identification and Development of all Crew members with Supervisory potential.

Team Communication and Meetings To schedule and conduct meetings with the Galley Department every cruise; To constantly communicate with the Maitre d’Hotel; To attend the Hotel Managers meetings on a daily basis; To encourage and demonstrate good communication, excellent teamwork and continuous training, coaching and counseling.

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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salário: Por mês
Ocupação: Executive chef (m/f) - seagoing position

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