Europe Technology Delivery Manager, Portugal, Bolttech

Publicados 2022-09-27
Expira 2022-10-27
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Europe Technology Delivery Manager, Portugal, Bolttech
Portugal, Portalegre, Portugal,
Publicados September 27, 2022

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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salário: Por mês
Ocupação: Europe technology delivery manager

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Job Description In this position you will....... own and delivery complex and challenging projects and programs undertaken for the Europe region. You will act as a leader and ambassador within a constantly changing and challenging environment focused on technology delivery. It is an exciting opportunity for someone that enjoys being involved in hands-on project delivery and is enthusiastic about actively promoting and working with the latest technology and delivery management delivery methods. Details involvements are expected especially on issues resolution You will be responsible for… Identifying key business objectives and align technology deliveries while providing end-to-end effective and efficient technology solutions Managing scope of deliveries from inception to closure. Define, develop and manage implementation activities (with assignment to appropriate technology squads), timeline and resources Coordinating and preparing technology resources for kick-off and ensure effective completion of delivery milestones Aligning product capabilities priorities, set technology delivery priorities and make schedule adjustments to meet timeline Controlling scope, highlighting, and managing risk as well as mitigating risks. Including providing directions, guidance, and timely intervention to analyse and troubleshoot issues as needed. Removing obstacles and hindrances that would delay a delivery Ensuring quality technology deliveries to configuration, development and overall technology strategy, security, and standards Managing the business units and key stakeholders Ensuring delivery processes are efficient and effective, proposing and making changes / improvements as required Communicating / reporting technology delivery status, highlighting issues and risks that require interventions For you to be successful…...we expect you to be able to demonstrate the following key competencies: Communication Highly proficient communicator; focused on interacting, listening to and synthesizing others’ ideas with respect to others when working together Explains and articulates complex issues clearly, succinctly, and timely to the right audience at different squads and levels using appropriate style Customer focus Puts the customer at the center of decision making and uses design thinking to ensure the solution is desirable, feasible, viable, and sustainable Understands relevant customer needs and responds in a timely, efficient manner to meet customer expectations Establishes and maintains effective relationships by gaining the trust and respect of customers Impactful Understands of team’s strategic and immediate objectives, aligns efforts with clear focus and creates plan to achieve with key milestones and delivery plans Makes time-sensitive and risk-based decisions evaluating available data/information in recommending an approach to address issues Maintains commitment to achieving goals in the face of obstacles and/or difficulties Adaptable Adapts to changes quickly, flexibly, and easily using different approaches depending on situation and environment Handles unexpected requirements and ambiguity in a calm manner. Resilient when things do not go as planned Influence outcomes and performance across distributed squads and teams is critical to success of the role Balances objectives and outcomes between group and region priority Uses different approaches to problem solving comfortably Literacy – Digi, Tech and Data Understands and can explain core technology and digital platforms, applications and tools used and offered (API, RPA, etc.) Able articulate their competitive advantages. Provides insights and analytics by interpreting, analyzing and comprehending available data Understands threats, takes appropriate actions, and manages appropriate technology related regulatory, compliance and cyber security risk (such as data privacy, information security related policies, regulated activities guidelines, etc.) You will require the following qualifications and skills Demonstrable extensive experience working in a challenging environment with strong skills and experiences across a variety of areas such as software development, business analysis, project management, system integration and / or solutioning Demonstrable experience working in technically complex delivery environment with strong experience of modern delivery management methodologies (Agile, DevOps Scale Agile) Strong conceptual understanding of how software is developed and how modern technology works (AWS, Azure, GCP, identity management platforms, middleware (e.g. Apigee), databases, networking, security and / or test automation etc) Strong business and systems analysis skills, troubleshooting skills and experience with numerous environments and architectures. Ability to manage large, often remote teams across multiple sites and create a sense of teamwork by pulling together the different vendors and colleagues who may be unfamiliar with each other and/or from dissimilar cultures. Strong attention to detail demonstrated through prior experience at the strategic and tactical / delivery levels Self-motivated and pro-active but a good team member Highly organized and able to cope with multiple responsibilities

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