Senior Java Software Engineer, Estoril, Signicat

Publicados 2022-06-26
Expira 2022-07-26
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Senior Java Software Engineer, Estoril, Signicat
Portugal, Lisboa, Lisboa,
Publicados June 26, 2022

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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
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Ocupação: Senior java software engineer

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Job Description You will be part of the Mobile Identity department, spread over three locations Trondheim-Norway, Oslo-Norway and Lisboa-Portugal with the majority sitting in Oslo. The department consists of three engineering teams Backend team - Developing the backend for the authentication solution. Mobile team - Developing the Android and iOS SDK for the authentication solution. Service team - Building a SaaS product around the authentication solution. You can choose if you’d like to have a permanent desk at our office in São Pedro do Estoril, or if you’d like to work from another location. Either way, given the geographical distribution of the team, you will be working in a remote fashion together with the rest of the team. What we are looking for : Experience with Java, Spring and Hibernate Familiarity with databases (MySQL, Oracle) Experience with RESTful API development (Spring REST) Previous experience with CI/CD pipelines Familiarity with Authentication and identification (FIDO, OAuth, OIDC, eIDAS, PSD2, NIST Digital Identity Guidelines) Who you are : You should be passionate about software development, working in an agile team where everyone's opinion matter and where you have freedom under responsibility. We do not require you to be an expert in security, but an interest in the topic helps. An important part of the job is to keep updated on developments in the security and the identity domain regarding strong authentication, mobile biometrics and digital identity. Quality is a common denominator in everything we do since our solutions are used in highly scalable, performant and available environments. You are a programmer with experience using Java and related frameworks, you are experienced in interpreting and writing design specifications and comfortable to work together with designers, other engineers and our architects to create, implement and maintain our solution. You also have an interest in test automation and cloud development, improving and extending our CICD pipeline built as infrastructure as code, using AWS, CloudFormation and Jenkins, helping us make our development process more efficient. As the team is spread over multiple locations a key quality is that you are skilled at documenting and communicating around your solution design and align these with both the rest of the team and other stakeholders. We expect you to be able to produce both API documentation and architecture diagrams, such as sequence and class diagrams. It is a plus if you have: Designing and managing API versioning requirements DevOps experience Experience with cloud development (AWS, GCP or Azure) Familiarity with common frontend technologies (ReactJS, Angular) Understanding of QA automation Linux and shell experience About Signicat builds technology for people to trust each other in the digital world. Signicat is the leading provider of trusted digital identity across Europe. We are growing fast, so joining us means you will too. We connect businesses with their customers and users with digital services. But the greatest connections are the human ones that we have within Signicat, working with the brightest minds in our industry. We value the well-being of each employee and all work together to create a supporti

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