React Front-end Developer, Lisbon, Lybe

Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon
Publicados 2022-07-23
Expira 2022-08-23
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React Front-end Developer, Lisbon, Lybe
Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon,
Publicados July 23, 2022

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Tipo de emprego: Tempo total
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salário: Por mês
Ocupação: React front-end developer

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Want to be a part of creating a leading e-commerce and a strong people consultancy company?Lybe is the most successful e-commerce agency in Sweden and now have Consultancy here in PortugalIn our strong team we create attractive and smart solutions that increase our customers' sales and profitability. Lybe’s ambition is to be the leading e-commerce agency and grow in the consulting area. To achieve this we have a mission to make our customers industry winners. We do this with the help of the best brains that consists of an international crew which generates a dynamic culture. If you believe, like us, that you should have fun at work to become the best. If you are a talent that wants to grow. Then we can offer you the right conditions. At Lybe you get to work closely together with some of the world's most skilled developers. GrowEveryone at us has a high level of ambition, we always want to improve. Take the opportunity to work with the best of the best and learn new things every day.Have funTo be really sharp and make our customers happy and satisfied, it is important that we have fun at work. We prioritize fun activities and work/life balance.Feel freeAs long as you do your job, you should have a high level of freedom. In this way we also maintain the space to develop both ourselves and Lybe as a company.The role of a DeveloperLybe is a growth company with entrepreneurial spirit which places high demands on a floating competence profile. Industries include everything from strong consumer brands to large listed industrial companies. Our chosen platform for e-commerce is Magento 2, but we are developing skills in anothers technologies in frontend and backend areas. Preferably you have official certification, but this is also something we can help out with.  Requirements profileYou are passionate about delivering value through well-written code and have the drive to constantly learn more. You are also an excellent team player who helps colleagues to become better every day. Apply or grow into the roles as Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Systems Architect or Tech Lead. Desirable requirements:2 years of professional experience in Front End development;Experience with Javascript frameworks (React);Solid knowledge in Javascript, Typescript, HTML and CSS;Be able to realize innovative, responsive and dynamic user interfaces ApplicationContact Jose at [email protected] or +351 919 588 101 for more information, you are warmly welcome to the office for a cup of coffee. 

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