Supplychain Manager (pt), Cascais, Amazonia Bio

Publicados 2022-08-09
Expira 2022-09-09
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Supplychain Manager (pt), Cascais, Amazonia Bio
Portugal, Lisboa, Cascais,
Publicados August 9, 2022

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Ocupação: Supplychain manager (pt)

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We are a Brazilian-Belgian-Portuguese start-up minded company specialized in healthy and organic products, harvested and produced in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. As an international company, we have people from all over the world: Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, India, England, Spain, and more! We are not only colleagues, we are also friends and welcome everyone to become part of the Amazonia Bio family. WHAT WE STAND FOR: Our mission is to improve the life of organic family farmers in the Amazon rainforest while providing ethical and healthier ingredient alternatives (such as Acai, Acerola, Guarana, etc.) to the food, nutraceutical, beverage and cosmetic industries around the globe. PURPOSE OF ROLE: You will join a rapidly growing company with many markets and challenges that have yet to be tapped. You will have the opportunity to grow with us in an exciting and motivating work environment. Great colleagues, cool office and a beautiful, sustainable range of products that are part of a chain of goods. A hip workplace with tons of adrenaline. A young management team that welcomes new ideas and the opportunity to contribute and be part of the growth story of Amazonia Bio. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Coordination of the sourcing of equipment, hardware and materials needed Track and monitor the materials throughout the process Helping build and promote relationships with our current or future collaborators in Brazil and in Europe Planning, forecasting and controlling the needs of new equipment and materials Making exhaustive and accurate reports Implementing strategies to improve the warehouse operation Interacting with the company's production facilities in Europe SKILLS & EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Bachelor’s degree minimum or previous experience in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, or any related field Successful previous experience as a Logistics/SC manager with successful results Experience required: 3 years minimum English is a must (oral and written), good level of French and/or German is a plus Demonstrated ability to communicate, present and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organization Proven ability to drive the logistics process from plan to close Strong business sense and industry expertise PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES: Experienced in negotiation management Excellent analytical and computer skills Well-organized and flexible Systematic and detail-oriented Autonomous, proactive and able to work within a team as well Solution-oriented and capable of setting priorities Very good communicator and discrete Problem solving and decision-making WE ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO CAN START IMMEDIATELY DISCLAIMER: We will do our best to reply within 3 working days, please also keep your eyes on the spam folder after submitting an application to our company.

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